How to Enter Competitions via Email

To ensure that we remain Covid 19 secure, there will be no prints for the 2020/21 competitions, entries will be a maximum of four PDIs per person and must be submitted by email and must reach us by 7pm on the day of the hand in.
As the Covid 19 situation develops, arrangements for 2021/22 competitions and subsequent seasons, may change.
Overview of how to submit PDIs for internal competitions for 2020/21 season.

Landscape images must be sized to have a maximum width of 1600 pixels.
Portrait images must be sized to have a maximum height of 1200 pixels.

Colour space must be sRGB
Images must be in JPEG format and should be saved at the highest quality setting.

Your named images should be submitted by attaching them to an email and sending it to:

Please note - We think that images sent by Apple iMacs are automatically converted to thumbnails.
To avoid this, please send via any other device, including iPads, unless you already know that your device will send as 1600 x 1200.

For more detailed information about PDIs, including FAQs, please see:-
How to Prepare PDI's

Please contact us if you have any competition questions. We'll do our best...

Good luck.

Helen and Sue