Forthcoming Local Photo Opportunities

This section aims to bring to members attention, any forthcoming attractions that may be of interest from a photographic point of view.
List of Events Places Dates.

Some outings may have a cost.

Wednesday 25th July 2018
Nantwich Show – CW5 8LD

Friday Saturday 10th - 11th August 2018
Shrewsbury Flower Show.

Wednesday Thursday 15th 16th August 2018
Hare Hill – Nature Walk At Night. SK10 4PY.
Thursday –Sunday 16th 19th August 2018
Southport Flower Show.

Monday 27th August 2018
Hoylake Lifeboat Festival.

Saturday –Sunday 8th 9th September 2018
Malpas Yesteryear Rally SY13 4

Friday 7th September 2018
Polo at Chester.

If any member wishes to attend any of above events
e-mail me
or text 07763787735.

If enough members wish to go I will try to organise times where to meet car share etc.

Any members with other events they would like to promote please send details to above address.

Mike Finn.